6 Effective Tips for Enhancing Your Ecommerce Websites’ Conversion Rate

You’ve obtained a great domain name that is both short and memorable. You’ve created your ecommerce website using a top websites builder. Your ecommerce website is now up and running and you’re getting some traffic and sales. But that’s not enough. You want a lot of traffic to increase your conversation rate to be able to get what you want or make decent profit. Here are tips you can implement to increase your ecommerce websites’ conversion rate:

Identify your ecommerce websites’ target market

Most entrepreneurs make the mistake of targeting everyone when running their ecommerce websites. In this day and age, you can’t do that. It’s both costly and time consuming trying to target everyone. The goal of starting an online business is to convert site visitors into buying customers with accuracy, so it’s important that you know your target customers and their buying behavior before you launch your online business. You can utilize a tool like Google Analytics to know your customers and target them.

ecommerce websites

ecommerce websites

ecommerce websites

Spell out the goal of your ecommerce websites

Spelling out the goal of your ecommerce platforms can help customers quickly understand what you’re offering and make buying decisions quickly. In other words, make a point to provide your site visitors with a unique value proposition. This is a clear and simple statement that explains exactly what value you’re offering to customers. It also explains why they should get the value from you and not from competitors. Once you’ve formulated your unique value proposition, everything about your ecommerce website should reflect that.

ecommerce website’s conversion rate

Make your ecommerce websites easy to navigate

You can have the greatest ecommerce website in the world, but if customers are not able to find what they want, it doesn’t matter. Today’s shoppers are busier than ever and they won’t want to spend a lot of time on your ecommerce website. They will want to land on your site, find what they want quickly, pay and leave. So to ensure that you don’t lose them, make it easy for them to find what they want. For example, group products by categories and sub categories and include a search feature on your ecommerce website.

Make your ecommerce websites SEO friendly

Online visibility is the most important aspect of starting an online business. After all, if your site is not visible, you won’t get sales. But visibility online doesn’t just happen, you must take the required steps to optimize your ecommerce websites for search engines. Some of the SEO strategies to implement include creating great content, internal and external links, hypertext, relevant keywords, proper titles, proper meta tags and much more. Ideally, all your text, product photos and videos must be optimized for search engines to attain a good ranking.

Use different marketing channels for your ecommerce websites

Most business people think that paid ads can dramatically increase their conversion rate. That’s not entirely true. Paid ads may not be sustainable or profitable, especially if people are not taking action. Therefore, combine paid ads, with organic search optimization and email marketing, and social media marketing. Not all customers spend their time online, so also initiate offline marketing strategies like billboards, business cards and brochures.

Call to action is key to increasing your ecommerce websites conversion rate

Let’s face it; calls to action have become so many that customers are not willing to give out their information for free. So you have to give something in return if you want to get their information. You can provide access to high-value information or one-time coupon. This can massively increase your conversion rate.


There are many other ways you can increase your ecommerce website’s conversion rate, including posting high-value content regularly, utilizing social media to build an audience, and aligning your Pay-per click strategy with your unique value proposition. If you can implement all this, then success for your ecommerce website is inevitable.